Bible Study Tools

Find the teachings and expositories that have shaped our understanding of the Gospel and the way we teach it, here...

Rob Rufus

Rob teaches on setting your heart at the highest level

Rob and Glenda Rufus have poured anointed, powerful, life-giving input into Stu, Jen and The Tribe for over 10 years.
This specific teaching has been one we've referenced many times over the years as it is key to the health and life of the local church. 

Michael Eaton's Slices

Free access to parts of Preaching Through The Bible 

Michael Eaton was an incredible Bible teacher, who brought a revelation of the Gospel of Grace.
Stuart had the privilege of travelling to Ethiopia with him a few times, where they ministered in the churches they had relationship with.
He loved languages and so he studied Greek extensively, which gave him an in-depth understanding of the Good News.

It's a great resource for personal or group Bible studies.